Valentina Nappi

Pompei, Napoli, Italy
Fleshlight Sensation: Dorcel

Our exclusive Dorcel sensation is the ultimate tease that is sure to please! Featured as our exclusive European texture that captures the class and sophistication of the Dorcel and Fleshlight brands.

Valentina Nappi is a sultry Italian stunner who knows how to take a man on a wild ride. This Fleshlight Girl pocket pussy lets you have sex with Valentina Nappi any time you want. It’s made from Real Feel Superskin, so when you take the plunge, you’ll feel completely enveloped by a life-like sensation. While many fans like to enjoy this Valentina Nappi sex toy as a solo experience, you can also share the pleasure with your significant other. The possibilities are endless. 

Will You Be My Valentina?

Before you try your Valentina pocket pussy, take a few moments to admire the lifelike labia that adorns its opening. It’s an exact replica of Valentina Nappi’s own vulva, and her signature to the lower left of the opening shows you that she’s extremely pleased with the results. If you crave the feel of warm skin, hold the sleeve under hot tap water for 10 minutes before you begin to play. This will allow you to indulge in an ultra-realistic Valentina Nappi experience.

Be sure to lube up before you get down to business. The Valentina Nappi pocket pussy deploys the Dorcel texture, which is specially designed to be super intense. Every inch is meant to replicate the real thing. However, the surface of Fleshlight’s proprietary Superskin, which simulates the feel of human flesh so well, will last longer if you use the right lube. Never use a silicone-based lubricant with your Valentina Nappi toy. Avoid massage oils as well.

Fleshlight makes lubricants that have been specially formulated for use with Superskin pocket pussies. While Fleshlube Ice produces a cooling sensation that’s really dynamic, Fleshlube Fire offers a warm tingle that lights you up from the inside. Both products are made from medical-grade ingredients that are completely hypoallergenic.

You will feel pleasantly constricted as you ease it into this pocket pussy. Immediately, you’ll find yourself in the first vortex chamber, which contains ball and ridge stimulators that apply gentle but firm pressures to the pleasure points along your shaft. This pocket pussy has seven chambers in all, and each is engineered to create a unique assortment of erotic sensations. While the bumps make you quiver, the ridges will caress. You can intensify your pleasure by manipulating pressure and suction, which is easily done by maneuvering the lid of the sleeve’s casing. Whether you prefer fast or slow action, the Valentina Nappi pocket pussy will blow your mind. 

Valentina Nappi: The Thinking Man’s Adult Film Star

Born on a farm outside of Salerno, Italy, Valentina Nappi always knew that her destiny was to improve sexual relationships. As soon as she turned 21, she contacted the producer of Italy’s most popular adult entertainment films and begged him for the chance to show off what she could do. Aren’t you glad she was ready for her closeup?

This brunette beauty is slender but voluptuous with a tiny waist, a magnificent butt, and luscious breasts that spill out over her 34F bra. In June 2012, Playboy’s Italian-language magazine chose her to be its Playmate. The following year, Penthouse brought her to the States where she became the magazine’s Pet of the Month. Valentina Nappi is smart, too. She writes a monthly column for the preeminent Italian political and cultural journal “MicroMega” on the evolving relationship between men and women in contemporary society. In 2017, she was named the XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year.

Care Tips for Your Valentina Nappi Sex Toy

Your Valentina pocket pussy is an investment in pure pleasure. Naturally, you’ll want to take care of that investment. Washing your Valentina Nappi sleeve and casing is the best way to help ensure it will last for a long time. Separate the sleeve from its casing before you begin the washing process. You’ll want to rinse your pocket pussy off after every use and let it air-dry for a couple of hours. Watch a couple of Valentina Nappi movies to get ready for another round.

Never use soap with your Valentina Nappi sleeve. Soap has the potential to create a chemical reaction that can abrade the surface of Superskin. You can use a mild detergent when you wash the case, but make sure to rinse off all the soapy residues. One of the easiest ways to rinse your sex toy is to take it into the shower with you.

Disinfecting your pocket pussy when you’re done playing with it is the best way to make sure it’s safe for its next use. Fleshlight makes an antibacterial called FleshWash that comes in a convenient spray bottle that makes it very easy to use. With this product, your Valentina sex toy will always be ready for some action.

Want your Valentina Nappi toy to feel just as good as it did the first time when you use it again (and again and again…)? Dust some Fleshlight Renewing Powder on it. This product is specifically formulated to keep the Superskin surface of your sex toy feeling supple and pliant. Sprinkle a thin layer over the sleeve’s interior surface before you pack it back into its casing. Valentina Nappi will be prepared to help you explore the feminine dimension any time you’re ready for some action.

When your Valentina Nappi pocket pussy arrives on your doorstep, it will be packaged in a plain brown cardboard box. Your sleeve will be contained in a hard plastic case that fits easily into an overnight bag if you want to have fun while you travel. Experience pleasure like never before by ordering your Valentina Nappi Fleshlight today.