Nikki Delano

Brooklyn, NYC
Fleshlight Sensation: Fuego

You aren’t ready for the Nikki Delano lady sleeve featuring the unique Fuego texture – but you’re going to have a literal blast trying it out! You’ll start out with a wavy entry point and pleasure bead, followed immediately by intensity ridges. If you can survive the first chamber without blowing your load, the middle section with overlapping ridges and strands might do the trick. If not, the final chamber will do the trick. It features a waffle design of alternating areas of tightness that will lead to sensation overload!

Fleshlight Sensation: Fantastica

At first glance, Nikki Delano’s butt texture Fantastica may seem more ordinary than others, but the secret is in the sensation. Row after row of intensity ridges coupled with occasional pleasure beads and varying tightness will surprise you at how orgasm-inducing this sleeve is. Prepare yourself for a backdoor experience unlike any other!

Nikki Delano is a curvy Brooklyn pornstar and now you can know what it’s like to experience her fully. Use the Fleshlight made in her image to increase your sexual stamina and control your libido to give your girl what she truly deserves in bed. Nikki Delano wants to help you last longer and improve your sex life!

Nikki Delano grew up in Brooklyn in a predominantly Puerto Rican household as the oldest of eight kids. Being from a strict family, she learned the importance of education and went to college to get her Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She’s a smart cookie that was raised right, but don’t let that fool you.

This hot blonde bombshell is one of those girls you can’t take home to mama. She has a banging tiny body with huge tits that take your breath away. Her pretty little blue eyes have a look of trouble in them and rightfully so because she is up to no good. Nikki is a naughty lady who doesn’t care about any rules.

Nikki loves what she does and it shows. She’s worked for countless major studios like Brazzers and won many awards like “Best Latino Performer” in 2012, “Best Ass” in 2013, and “Best Butt” in 2014.