Lola Reve

Montpellier, France
Fleshlight Sensation: Dorcel

Our exclusive Dorcel sensation is the ultimate tease that is sure to please! Featured as our exclusive European texture that captures the class and sophistication of the Dorcel and Fleshlight brands.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets… And with the Lola Reve pocket pussy from Fleshlight Girls, you can have sex with Lola Reve any time you want. This sex toy features the Dorcel design, which is a texture imported from Europe that’s ideal for a man who likes to feel a tight grip. Enjoy this sex toy when you’re spending the evening alone, or invite your favorite partner over to join in. An array of intimate pleasures awaits. This is your opportunity to enjoy a sex toy with a distinctly European flavor.

There’s no need to worry about discretion because Fleshlight never shares customer information with commercial partners. After you place your order, the Lola Reve Fleshlight toy will arrive on your doorstep in a plain cardboard box. The delivery person won’t have a clue what’s inside it, and neither will your nosy neighbors. The sleeve fits into a portable hard plastic case, so it’s easy to pack into a suitcase if you have a business trip coming up. Who knew your favorite porn star could be so portable?

Dreaming of Lola Reve

“Reve” means “dream” in France where Lola Reve was born. This is fitting because Lola Reve is truly a dream girl. The pale color of Lola Reve’s flawless skin has been reproduced in the true-to-life replica of her fluted labia, which graces the opening of this sleeve. Lola Reve’s very own signature to the lower left of the opening lets you know she’s just as excited about this sex toy as you are. Heating your Lola pocket pussy up for a few minutes under warm running water will help it feel more like warm, welcoming skin.

Since this toy can give you a sexual workout, you may want to use plenty of lube. Never use silicone-based lubes, mineral oils, or conventional massage lotions with your Lola Reve sex toy. These may degrade the surface of the Real Feel Superskin material and rob you of sensation. Fleshlight makes its own proprietary lubricants, which include Fleshlube Fire and Fleshlube Ice. Both are made from high-quality ingredients that are completely hypoallergenic and ideal for getting you slick enough to slide effortlessly into Lola’s sweet orifice. With Fleshlight Fire, you’ll feel a warm sensation upon penetration; with Fleshlube Ice, there will be a cool tingle.

As you ease yourself into the Lola Reve sleeve, you’ll feel totally enveloped. The Lola Reve pocket pussy features seven discrete sections, and each has its own set of pressure points that titillate. The bumps and ridges feel like tiny stroking fingertips that combine with the pressure to create a sexual sensation like no other. The bumps tease, and the ridges caress. You can easily manipulate pressure and suction by moving the lid of the casing around your sleeve. Every slight shift in suction creates a sexual experience that feels entirely new.

The sleeve’s diameter is 3.7 inches at its widest, so you’ll feel this baby clenching throughout the entire wild ride. Try using long, hard strokes, and stay inside the insert so that the bumps and ridges continue to stroke you as you reach ecstasy. You’re going to love this pocket pussy.

All About Lola

With her blonde hair, mischievous hazel eyes, and laissez-faire attitude toward pleasure, Lola Reve epitomizes French sex appeal. Lola Reve has become one of the hottest stars in the European adult film industry by starring in a string of hits, including “Luxure – Obedient Wives,” “How I Became a Libertine,” and “Lola Scandalous Girl.” She’s the girl next door if you happen to live in Paris.

Lola Reve is a natural beauty, and her pert breasts are just the right size. She does it with men, she does it with girls, and one of her favorite experiences in the world is an orgy. Now with the Lola Reve pocket pussy, she’ll do it with you.

Taking Care of the Lola Fleshlight

Your Lola pocket pussy will give you many years of pleasure if you treat it right. Always wash your sleeve and its casing thoroughly between bouts.

While you can use a mild detergent on your casing, never apply soap on the sleeve itself. Instead, hold it under a sink and rinse it with running water, or bring it into the shower with you. The Lola Reve sleeve has a lot of bumps and ridges, so be sure to clean it thoroughly. You can use a very soft washcloth, but try to blot the sleeve’s surfaces rather than rub. You’ll want to do this after every use. You’ll also want to let your sex toy air-dry thoroughly before you commence the next round.

It’s a good idea to disinfect your Lola Reve sex toy before you put it away for the day. Fleshlight makes a product called FleshWash that does the trick nicely and comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application. When you’re done disinfecting, let your sleeve air-dry completely before you pack it away in its casing.

Over time, even the best-cared-for pocket pussy may lose some of the supple pliancy of its texture. Thankfully, Fleshlight makes a product called Fleshlight Renewing Powder that can help prevent this from happening. Apply a thin layer of this powder to your Lola pocket pussy after you’ve washed it. You can expect your toy to be velvety soft the next time you feel like going for a ride. No, the French didn’t invent sex and orgasms, but the Lola pocket pussy may make you believe they did!