Claire Castel

Bordeaux, France
Fleshlight Sensation: Dorcel

Our exclusive Dorcel sensation is the ultimate tease that is sure to please! Featured as our exclusive European texture that captures the class and sophistication of the Dorcel and Fleshlight brands.

Claire Castel is a true French beauty and an adult star who revels in her sexuality. She has legions of fans around the world who long for the chance to have sex with Claire Castel. Now, Claire has a Fleshlight sex toy for men that’s all her own, precisely modeled on her intimate contours and designed to bring you the ultimate pleasure. Step up your fantasies about the pornstar Claire Castel to a whole new level with this delightful sex toy. You can achieve explosive orgasms with this gripping, lifelike Claire Castel pocket pussy. The intricate textures of this male toy are designed to help you achieve powerful pleasure over and over again. With this Fleshlight, you’ll be able to enjoy Claire whenever you want.

Claire Castel Is Your Elegant Dream Girl

From the age of 18, Claire dived right in to the kind of work she wanted to do – adult entertainment. From the dance halls of Bordeaux, this Capricorn came into the adult film world with a body designed for pleasure and an insatiable appetite for sex. She loves to perform in front of the camera and show off her lithe, natural body and boundless sexual appetites, and she loves to know that men are lusting after her and taking their own pleasure with her beautiful body. She is one of the stars of the films of director Marc Dorcel, and Claire Castel is one of Fleshlight’s beautiful Dorcel girls. From her earliest films with her friend Jade Laroche, she has been delighted to bring her talents to your screen and your lusty fantasies. Her films show just how much she loves sex with men in all positions and over and over again – she just can’t get enough.

Claire Castel is simply a captivating woman. She’s 5 feet 5 inches and busty, and her slender, lovely 110-pound body is designed for adventurous handling. Claire is an all-natural beauty from head to toe with admirable fitness and feminine softness in just the right places. Claire’s family is privileged and well-established, and she received a fine education. Her upbringing is reflected in her elegant look, with carefully groomed hair, perfect makeup and delicate, lacy lingerie from the finest manufacturers. Her beauty and refined appearance only serve to highlight her wildness as the clothing comes off. Her body and sexual skills have always brought Claire a great deal of attention from the finest high-end strip clubs to her intense, sexy videos. Her special talents have landed her two award nominations: an XBIZ Award for Foreign Female Performer of the Year 2013 and an XBIZ Award for Foreign Female Performer of the Year 2014.

Get Intimate With Claire Castel

Claire Castel cares about the satisfaction of her male fans, so she has gone out of her way to level the playing field. This means she wants to give you the same tender loving care that she gives her co-stars. She has worked with Fleshlight to create a Claire Castel pocket pussy that is designed to give you the kind of pleasure Claire takes great pride in creating everywhere she goes. From the delicate crafting of the exterior of this Fleshlight that lovingly renders her sweet lips and delightful curves to the sleeve that’s designed to milk out your pleasure, Claire’s toy is designed for ultimate male orgasms. You can go as fast as you want, drive as hard as you like and have fun with Claire for hours on end. The Claire Castel Fleshlight is designed with a special Dorcel sleeve that gives you maximum enjoyment as you plunge all the way in. The Dorcel sleeve gives you a tight grip all the way in, just like Claire, and it’s ready to take all of you. When you slide between Claire’s lips, you’ll encounter a whole series of nubs, bumps and ribs that are designed to grip you in all the right places as you thrust in and out. Go deep, and you’ll encounter even more caverns and special nubs that rub you the right way.

Claire Castel Wants to Satisfy You

Your wildest fantasies aren’t too challenging for Claire to fulfill. She specializes in making erotic dreams a reality. This is also true for her Fleshlight Claire Castel sex toy that lets you enjoy the ultimate pleasure of having sex with Claire Castel. The sleeve is constructed of durable, natural-feeling Superskin that gives you the feeling of being right inside Claire. You can maximize your pleasure even further with Fleshlube products that ensure your toy is all wet for intense, slippery fun. Choose Fleshlube Water for a naturally juicy experience, or opt for Fleshlube Fire and Ice for some extra spicy fun with warming and cooling sensations that add some extra pleasure to your encounters with Claire.

Create Your Own Adult Film With Claire Castel

Fleshlight Girls gives you countless opportunities to be with beautiful, sex-loving vixens. Claire Castel is one of the hottest Dorcel Girls you can choose to play with. She has a sweet vibe, an intriguing personality and a big appetite for one-on-one action. This toy is designed for maximum sensation. Enhance your experience even further with the Fleshlight LaunchPAD. You can affix the LaunchPAD to your Claire Castel sex toy so you can look right at Claire as she stars in your favorite videos while you’re driving deep inside her.

This European temptress has more experience in role-playing than the average adult actress. Submission is definitely something that she likes, and you can enjoy the feel of dominating her with your Claire Castel pocket pussy from Fleshlight. She takes delight in being spanked and controlled, and her willingness to obey direct orders is proof that she’s primed to help you live out your fantasies. Go wild as you thrust all the way inside with a Fleshlight Shower Mount for even more sexy fun with Claire.