Anna Polina

St. Petersburg, Russia
Fleshlight Sensation: Dorcel

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Anna Polina Brings a Taste of Sophistication to Fleshlight 

Russia may be cold, but Anna Polina – hailing from the historic city of St. Petersburg – is anything but. The renowned adult star has spent most of her life in France, providing her with a unique sexual appeal you won’t find anywhere else. She combines the raw sensuality of Eastern Europe with the cultured charm and intelligence of Parisian life. She may be known on screen for her soft, pouty lips and her shockingly blue eyes, but she’s proven to possess a mind equally on par with her body. To Anna Polina, adult films are an act of feminism and a unique means for women to claim autonomy of their own bodies and their sexuality. She believes strongly in the potential for adult films to serve as works of art equivalent to the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo. We know countless fans who believe Anna’s supple curves and soft features should earn her a place along history’s great beauties.

In 2008, after a few years of modeling, Anna Polina quit her studies in law school to pursue a career as an adult actress, and her countless fans are lucky to have her. In 2010, she caught the attention of famed French producer Marc Dorcel and was appointed as the ninth Dorcel Girl, alongside fellow European bombshells like Valentina Nappi and Lola Reve.

Anna Polina’s enthusiastic plunge into the world of adult cinema was a revelation for viewers enthusiastic for films that brought a touch of sophistication to the proceedings. After winning the Venus award in 2011, she’s consistently been nominated for and won the prize of Best Female Foreign Performer of the Year in both the AVN and XBIZ ceremonies. This is in large part due to Anna Polina’s careful process of selecting her scripts and co-stars. She’s a frequent collaborator of acclaimed auteur Max Candy, who frequently chooses to cast her as his lead starlet. In a few short years, she has established herself as a savvy star with personality and gusto and earned praise for her virtuoso performances in hits like “Inglorious Bitches,” “The Ingenuous,” and “The Journalist.”

But just because she’s selective with her performance doesn’t mean that Anna Polina isn’t enthusiastic about her work. It’s clear that sex is both a passion and a personal journey for Anna, and she’s expressed that enthusiasm in roles alongside men and women as well as forays into experimental film and bondage scenarios. But her enthusiasm extends beyond the bedroom. Anna Polina has starred in a number of documentaries revealing the realities behind the adult film world, and she has also appeared in a campaign promoting breast cancer awareness. For Anna, it’s clear that filmmaking is more than just a job. The positivity she feels toward her role in the industry is apparent, and the gusto with which she jumps into her roles belies both a canny understanding of the power of adult films and a raw and unadulterated passion for the carnal arts. Anna also sometimes goes by the aliases of Lilith Marshall and Lea Delmas.

Anna Polina promises to be a star for the ages, and so it’s no surprise to see her commemorated in a Fleshlight Girl model. Her pocket pussy is part of the Dorcel Girls series, an exclusive partnership between Fleshlight and director Marc Dorcel. The Anna Polina pocket pussy will give you the opportunity to experience the thrill once reserved for a select few adult stars, but keeping up with this vigorous beauty can be a challenge. The Stamina Training Unit can help you improve your performance and get more enjoyment out of your time with Anna.

The Anna Polina Dorcel Lady Sleeve

If you’ve ever wanted to have sex with Anna Polina, you can’t get much closer than the experience you’ll find with the Anna Polina sex toy. Anna may be known for her pouty lips, but her netherlips are just as luscious. Fleshlight has meticulously and lovingly created a mold that replicates her soft pink folds.

Anna Polina has earned praise for her versatility and her presence as a performer. The Dorcel sleeve is exclusively matched to Anna Polina and other members of the Dorcel Girls. The unique, silky texture of Anna Polina’s sleeve is as flexible as she is, offering three chambers of pleasure. With its narrow passages, which are tighter than the majority of sleeves in the Fleshlight line, it expertly recreates the feeling of burying yourself deep into Anna Polina’s flower at the height of climax.

But what really makes the replica special is the amount of variety. Three separate chambers provide a wealth of sensations, creating an experience that grows more robust the deeper you plunge. Each chamber is dense with ridges and bumps with tight canals connecting them. Men of all sizes will find plenty to love here, and there’s enough to accommodate lovers with endowments stretching into the double digits. Our engineers have worked overtime to create an experience that fully simulates the thrill of partnering with a European superstar, simulating a vacuum effect with the middle chamber, the closest experience you’ll find to mutual climax in a simulated sexual experience.

Like Anna Polina herself, the Dorcel Lady sleeve is an intense experience, one to squeeze every inch of pleasure from your body and leave you aching, satisfied, and looking for more. It’s a toy fitting of a woman who’s become regarded as one of the sexiest actresses in the European film industry and throughout the world.